Midwife & Breastfeeding Consultant

Breastfeeding Support Group

This is an opportunity for you meet up with me and to meet other mothers in a social setting. Making friends with other mothers is a wonderful way to enrich your mothering experience. The atmosphere is relaxed, enjoyable and welcoming and it is FREE!!

I am there to answer any minor issues you may be having but the main focus of the group is to socialise and make friends. Everyone is welcome. The group is on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except for July & August) from 10am to 12pm in the Park Inn Radisson by Cork airport.

2014 Dates as follows

May 22 (4th Thursday not 3rd as I am away)

June 19

Sept 18

Oct 16

Nov 20

Dec 18

When can I start going to the Breastfeeding Support group?

Anytime from four weeks onwards, as it is best during the first four weeks to take the time to recuperate from the labour and birth.


What is the purpose of the Breastfeeding Support group?

Becoming a mother is an enormous event in a woman’s life and most people don’t realise (or have forgotten) how overwhelming the first few months can be.

Chatting and connecting with other mothers can be wonderfully reassuring. Also some mothers find being at home all day with a young baby quite isolating at times and so the Breastfeeding Support group is an opportunity for you to get out of the house and meet other mothers. Most women then go on to make friends that continue beyond the Breastfeeding Support group.

The purpose of the Breastfeeding Support group is to enrich your mothering experience.


I am a bit shy and am anxious about going to a place where I don’t know anyone, shall I still go?

Of course! If you like you can ring me beforehand and let me know that you will be coming and that you don’t know anyone and I will be sure to welcome you and introduce you around.


Why is the Breastfeeding Support Group free?

I know how important support is in the early days of breastfeeding and research has also clearly shown that the more support a woman gets the more likely she will continue with breastfeeding. I also really enjoy connecting with breastfeeding mothers as I learn from them as well which in turn enhances my practice and my ability to help other new mothers. It is a win win situation! So come along and join us!

In 2002 I founded the Kinsale Mum & Baby and ran it until 2013 when I handed it over to Annette Walsh who is a Cuidiu breastfeeding counsellor as I then became so busy with all my other work commitments. However, I soon realised that I really missed the connection with breastfeeding mothers and also with all the mum’s I was meeting through the clinic I thought that it was a great opportunity to run the group in Cork. The venue at the Park Inn Radisson is perfect as there is loads of room, parking is easy and it is easy to get to. Having facilitated this type of group for so long I know that by making one or two friends with women who have babies the same age as yours can simply transform your mothering experience.

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience and although it is wonderful it can also be overwhelming and bewildering at times. Who better to understand this than another woman going through it too! I have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the Breastfeeding Support group over the years because I see the positive impact it has had.


I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained so much knowledge and confidence from it.

Caroline, September 2011

Thank you for a fantastic class today, really enjoyed it, got so much reassurance from you & reinforced my decision to keep breastfeeding!

Liz, August 2011