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Mum & Baby Breastfeeding Class

Bring your baby and your questions! This is a three hour group session with other breastfeeding mothers to answer all your questions and expand and deepen your knowledge of breastfeeding. The format is very relaxed and we discuss many issues related to breastfeeding. 

You will also learn a lot by sharing your breastfeeding experiences with other mothers and from hearing their experiences. The class is held in Cork monthly, you can come to one or more as each class is varies. You will also receive a folder with information.

The class is from 10am to 1pm in Cork. Booking is essential as class size is limited to 10 mothers. Cost €60.

Upcoming Classes in Cork

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What topics are covered in the Mum & Baby Breastfeeding Class?

We start the class with a question and answer session. I want ensure that we cover all your concerns and issues. We then move on to the following topics:

  • Feeding patterns/ routines
  • Night time feeding/sleeping patterns/getting your baby to sleep
  • Understanding your baby’s behaviour
  • Adapting to motherhood
  • Breastfeeding problems; blocked ducts, mastitis, thrush
  • Colic
  • Expressing/pumping
  • Teething
  • Introducing solids
  • Breastfeeding out & about

When should I take the Mum & Baby Breastfeeding Class?

Anytime after four weeks. During the first four weeks it is best to take the time to recuperate from the labour and birth and get  breastfeeding established. 

If you are experiencing any problems during the first month please contact me and we can discuss your options as you may need to have a one to one consultation with me in the clinic. You can take the Baby & Me postnatal breastfeeding class at a later date.


Read what people had to say about the Mum & Baby Breastfeeding Classes

Hi Clare, thanks so much for everything yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained so much knowledge and confidence from it.

Caroline, September 2011

Thank you for a fantastic class today, really enjoyed it, got so much reassurance from you & reinforced my decision to keep breastfeeding!

Liz, August 2011