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Breastfeeding Consultation Clinic

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), also known as a Lactation consultant or a Breastfeeding consultant. I specialise in breastfeeding education and helping mothers who are having any issues or problems with breastfeeding.
Common problems that I can help you with include
  • - latch on issues
  • - sore nipples
  • - sleepy baby
  • - tongue tie
  • - inverted or flat nipples
  • - painful breastfeeding
  • - blocked ducts/mastitis
  • - fussy/colicky baby
  • - slow weight gain/knowing your baby is getting enough
  • - breastfeeding twins
  • - expressing
  • - going back to work
  • - weaning
Visits to the breastfeeding clinics are by appointment only, to make an appointment just ring me on 087 419 8764 or send me an email clare@breastfeedingconsultant.ie.
Breastfeeding Clinics:


Tuesday & Thursday  - Kinsale.

An initial visit* is for one and a half hours - €100 

Follow up visits* if required - €60

*Please see FAQs below for more information about the initial and follow up consultations

Home visit: This visit is available for those who would prefer for me to come and see them or who feel unable to attend the clinic. Home visit rate is €180. Additional costs may apply for visits beyond Cork city.

Phone Consultation: If you wish to discuss a breastfeeding issue at length that doesn’t require a visit to me or you live too far away to come and see me, I am available for a consultation by phone. Ring me or email to book a phone consultation. Cost for a phone consultation is €60.

What breastfeeding issues or problems can you help with?

As each mother and baby pair are unique all breastfeeding problems vary, I assess you and your baby and then help you resolve your particular issue. I am then available by phone for follow up calls as needed. It is important to note that most breastfeeding issues can be resolved.

Some of the breastfeeding issues I can help you with:

  • Sore or damaged nipples
  • Painful breastfeeding
  • Concern about feeding patterns/routines
  • Sleeping patterns/routines in the baby
  • Concern about the baby getting enough milk
  • Concern about the baby’s weight gain
  • Concern about milk supply
  • Baby fussy at the breast
  • Baby sleeping at the breast
  • Baby refusing to breastfeed
  • Feeling unsure about breastfeeding in general and you want reassurance
  • Mastitis
  • Thrush
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Tongue tie
  • Weaning

What happens at the breastfeeding consultation?

  • I take a complete history of the breastfeeding to date
  • I take a history of the pregnancy, labour and birth
  • I assess mother & baby for breastfeeding issues
  • I observe a full breastfeeding session
  • I help you resolve your issues, for example correcting the latch
  • I will make recommendations to help you with your specific issue
  • I create a care plan specifically for you and your baby
  • I refer on to GP’s, Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Osteopaths as needed
  • I support you by helping you have the breastfeeding experience you want.
  • I follow up with a phone call after the visit and am available by phone for you as needed.

“If you want to breastfeed, I am here to help”


What is the difference between the initial consultation and the follow up visit?

Initial Visit - As every mother and baby pair are unique the initial consultation allows me to get a full picture of your individual issues and needs. I can then provide comprehensive recommendations and plan of care.  At the initial visit I need to take a full history of the breastfeeding to date, this includes a history of the pregnancy, labour and birth.  I also do a full assessment of the baby and the mother as well as observing an entire breastfeeding session.  Then we need to address the issues that are causing problems and we need to have the time to do this comprehensively in order to resolve the problems. 

Follow up visit - Is to address any outstanding issues that you may still be having.  Not everyone needs to have a follow up visit and we can decide at the end of the initial visit if a follow up is necessary.  



What if I need to see you urgently?

If breastfeeding issues are urgent and need to be dealt with promptly. Please feel free to ring me anytime and leave a detailed message and I will get back to you as soon as I can (usually within a few hours). We can then arrange for you to be seen either in the clinic or as a home visit depending on what is deemed best.


I am interested in a phone consultation, how do I know that my issue is appropriate for a phone consultation?

You can give me a ring and we can discuss which option is best for you, a visit or phone consultation. If the issue is such that I think I need to see you and your baby in order to best help you I will advise you accordingly.


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Maudeline, Cork