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Preparing for Breastfeeding class

 This Preparing for Breastfeeding Class in Cork will teach you the techniques and principles of breastfeeding BEFORE your baby is born.  In this four hour class you will learn everything you need to get breastfeeding off to the best start possible. The class format includes; PowerPoint presentation, film footage and a practical component to enable you to feel confident about breastfeeding before baby arrives, the class is engaging and fun as well as being informative.

You will also receive a copy of my Guide to Breastfeeding; I have specially created this 32 page full colour A 4 booklet to work in tandem with the material in the class so that it will provide you with the information and support you need as you embark on your breastfeeding experience.

This Antenatal Breastfeeding class is available in Cork every month and your partner is very welcome to attend the class for no extra cost.

The cost of the class is €100 payable in full when booking. Receipts will be issued for insurance reimbursement. Most health insurance companies cover Antenatal education

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Why should I take a breastfeeding class BEFORE the baby is born?

  • Research has shown that taking a breastfeeding class during pregnancy increases confidence and the length of time a baby is breastfed.
  • I know that women find it much easier to learn about breastfeeding while they are still pregnant because they are highly motivated and find it easier to concentrate than after the birth.
  • After the birth and in the early days new mothers are often overwhelmed and tired and can find it very stressful trying to take in all the information they need to in order to be able to breastfeed.
  • By taking the class not only will you have the practical skills to help your baby get a good latch but you will also understand the underlying principles of how breastfeeding works. You will also be able to identify problems and take steps to rectify them

Why should I take a breastfeeding class privately rather than the hospital based ones (which are free!)?

I actually think that it would be no harm to do both!  The hospital breastfeeding prep classes are usually one to two hours at the most. I personally feel like this is not enough time to get through all the information needed. Although the hospital classes do try to have a Lactation Consultant teach the classes that is not always the case and I feel that a breastfeeding prep class should definitely be run by an LC. 

I have been teaching women about breastfeeding for the past ten years and have developed this class over that time and formally started teaching the Breastfeeding Prep Class for the last 5 years. I have always sought feedback from the participants and am frequently updating and improving the class so that I can best help women have a positive breastfeeding experience. Each participant receives a folder packed with information and more is available on my face book page and website.

My classes are relaxed and informative and I really encourage questions throughout the class as I feel it really adds to the class and we have the time to do that. I am available after the class for extra questions.

I am available to the mothers who take my class, they can ring or email me at any time with any questions or concerns they may be having with breastfeeding, new mothers find this very reassuring.


What will I learn in the Breastfeeding Preparation Class?

This class is designed to teach you the main principles of breastfeeding in an engaging and enjoyable format.  I use innovative teaching techniques as well as DVD’s, power point, hands on practice with dolls and breastfeeding cushions and lots of discussion and questions so that you will feel much more knowledgeable and confident about breastfeeding. Partners are very welcome to attend the class at no extra cost; it is really helpful for both of you to understand how breastfeeding works. The class covers the following:•    How to know your baby is latched on correctly

  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk
  • How to know when your baby wants to feed and how long to feed for
  • Understanding the unique properties of breast milk
  • How to latch your baby on – practice different feeding positions with a doll and breastfeeding cushion ( and no, you don’t get your breasts out!)
  • Understanding normal newborn behaviours
  • How to avoid problems.
  • What to do if you are having problems
  • Expressing milk
  • Coping strategies for the early weeks
  • Breastfeeding in public (not as scary as you might think!)
  • Each participant receives a folder with all the necessary info

...and much more!

Receipts available for health insurance reimbursement for antenatal education.  Check with your Health Insurance regarding the specific details of reimbursement.


How do I book the breastfeeding Preparation Class?

Click on the book now button and fill in the required fields and submit. Clare will reply with your booking details. Alternatively you can ring Clare on 087 419 8764 to book your class.


At what stage during my pregnancy should I take the class?

The best time to take the class is 4-6 weeks before your due date so that the material will still be fresh in your mind by the time you have your baby.  If you have a history of preterm labour or are expecting twins book into a class 6-8 weeks before your due date.


Why do you recommend that my partner attend the class?

Fathers play an important role in the establishment of breastfeeding. A new mother needs plenty of support and encouragement in the weeks after the birth and her partner is the ideal person to do this.  Breastfeeding is a family affair and if the father has attended the class then he will be able to effectively provide the new mother with practical help as well as understanding the process of breastfeeding. Also because most pregnant women find that their memory isn’t what it used to be (pregnancy brain!) having the partner in the class is a sort of memory insurance. I call the partner the “memory stick” as he is more likely to remember most of the information!

The feedback I receive from the partners is that they are really pleased they attended and they feel empowered and ready to help with the breastfeeding (I have yet to have a man run screaming from the room!).


I am expecting twins can I still breastfeed and should I take this class?

You can absolutely breastfeed twins (I have twins, so I know what I am talking about on this one!).  The vast majority of women will produce enough milk for two babies and so there is no reason why you can’t feed your twins.  Having said that, it is a lot of work!  But with preparation, knowledge and support (and determination!) it can be done.

I suggest that you take the Preparing for Breastfeeding class so that you understand the basics of breastfeeding and then after the class we can take ten  minutes to talk about the specifics of breastfeeding twins. I will also give you some information on breastfeeding twins.  I think if possible it would be really helpful to you for your partner to attend.


I tried to breastfeed my last baby and didn’t have much success, should I still take this class?

Yes!  I find that mums who want to breastfeed their next baby after having had difficult experience breastfeeding their previous baby find the class really useful. Usually they say to me at the end of the class “I can see where things went wrong last time”, which is great because they know how make sure that it doesn’t happen with the new baby.

I am always available after class if you want to discuss any other outstanding concerns regarding your previous breastfeeding experiences.


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I feel a lot more relaxed about giving it [breastfeeding] a try and knowing I can ring for help if I do encounter problems.

Anne, September 2011

Amazing and worthwhile. Best few hours I ever spent.

Emer, October 2011

I feel immense relief after this course – my questions have been answered and fears much alleviated.

Karen, October 2011

Fantastic practical ‘hands-on’ class which really boosts your confidence in relation to breastfeeding.

Frances, January 2011