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Antenatal Class Cork

The Cork antenatal classes consist of a series of three evening classes held over three consecutive weeks. The classes are held in Kinsale and will be from from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. In the classes  I aim to empower couples with a thorough understanding of the labour and birth process so you can work towards having the labour and birth you wish for.  I provide couples with practical pain coping strategies, birth plan information, pain medication options and possible medical interventions.  You will also receive a booklet with all the information we cover in the class.  The format is relaxed and enjoyable and I encourage your questions, class size is limited to 7 couples to allow for a plenty of time to cover the information.  Cost of the class is €160. 


Book an Upcoming Course

To book the class please email Clare at clare@breastfeedingconsultant.ie with the dates you are interested in attending.  

Upcoming Antenatal Courses Cork


Nov 21st, Nov 28th, Dec 5th


January 9th, 16th, 23rd

March 6th, 13th, 20th

May 1st, 8th, 15th


Private Antenatal Class – This is for couples who can’t make the one day workshop or feel a private class will suit them better.  The private class consists of two sessions of two hours each and are arranged at a date and time that suits you, they can be held in Kinsale or your home.  All the same material is covered but it is slightly abbreviated due to time constraints.  Cost is €250. Contact Clare on 087 419 8764 to arrange a private class.

What is covered in the Antenatal Class?

  • Each participant receives a folder with all the information covered in the class.
  • Understanding how labour and birth works.
  • Anatomy and physiology (more interesting than it sounds!)
  • Role of the partner
  • Early labour – coping techniques, role of the partner
  • Going to the hospital and admission procedures
  • Active labour – coping techniques, role of the partner
  • Pushing and birth of the baby
  • Pain medication options in labour
  • Interventions in labour; induction, augmentation, caesarean section
  • Caring for yourself after the birth
  • Parenting a new baby
  • Breastfeeding (short version)

When should I take the antenatal classes?

Try and take the class around 32 – 36 weeks depending on when the next class is available.



How do I book the antenatal classes?

Click on the book now button and fill in the required fields and submit.  Clare will reply with your booking details.  Alternatively you can ring Clare on 087 4198764 to book your class.


Why should I take antenatal classes?

Taking an antenatal class will help prepare you for what to expect during the labour and birth process.  By being informed you will be able to become an active participant and make informed decisions about such issues as pain coping techniques, pain medication options and various procedures that could be offered you during the labour and birth.  Understanding the process will help you approach labour with confidence and less fear!  Partners will learn how to best support the labouring mother and also become an active participant in the birthing process.


What is the difference in content between the group classes and the private class?

In the private class, we go through the material at a faster rate and thus there is less time to practice the coping techniques etc... In the group classes  there is a lot of discussion and questions and a broader range of information is covered. Lastly, I think that group classes are more enjoyable because there being more people involved.


Read what people had to say about the Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Breastfeeding Class Cork

We went to Clare's antenatal class for our second pregnancy and found it absolutely invaluable, without it I couldn't have had the wonderful birth experience we had.

Alayne, Cork.

Clare Boyle’s ante-natal classes are, without doubt, the best investment you will make in preparation for your birth.

Laura, Kinsale