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There are loads of great websites and resources available with information on breastfeeding but sometimes it can be hard to know where to look and what is a reliable source so I have put together some of the best ones to help guide you.

Tongue tie

FRENOTOMY contact details for Cork 

Dr. Rachel Quigley - Dundanion Medical Practice, Blackrock -
(021) 435 8031

Articles and Web Links



  • UK Midwife performing a frenotomy
  • Tongue movements of Posterior Tongue Tie

  • This film clearly shows how important it is that the tongue can move in a wave like motion to get the milk out of the breast. Look at how much it undulates along the upper palate and then drops down at the back of the throat creating a pocket of negative pressure which allows the milk to flow from the breast (high pressure) to the throat (low pressure). This wave like motion is crucial to ensuring pain free breastfeeding and good milk transfer. But when a baby has a tongue tie this wave like motion is restricted and the tongue cannot lift,  the baby will compensate for the tongue tie and will narrow the jaw (latch) and the tongue humps up and pushes the nipple to the roof of the mouth (the hard palate) causing nipple pain and compressing the milk ducts and decreasing milk flow.


Posterior Tongue Tie


Thrush Resources


Increasing Milk Supply  Resources



  • Dr Jack Newman is an internationally renowned breastfeeding expert.  His website  has clear instructive information as well as really handy film clips on various breastfeeding issues.
  • La Leche League International – is an international volunteer organisation that has been a vital part of revitalising breastfeeding in the western world and they have a vast selection excellent articles on about breastfeeding, many by international experts
  • Best for Babes – a US based website with some wonderful up to date articles about breastfeeding
  • Infant Sleep Information Source – ISIS online, is a UK based website and is a collaboration between Durhan University Parent-Infant Sleep Laboratory, La Leche League, NCT, UNICEF.  This website gives parents all the information they need to know about normal infant sleep. It is comprehensive, up to date and very informative.
  • Cuidiu is a mother to mother support group offering breastfeeding support groups and antenatal classes. They have groups all over the country, the volunteers have all had special training in breastfeeding support.
  • Association of Lactation Consultants Ireland is the professional organisation for Lactation Consultants - there is information available on Lactation Consultants in Private practice in Ireland.
  • Kelly Mom - Kelly Bonyata is a US based Lactation Consultant and her website is a great  breastfeeding resource.
  • HSE Breastfeeding Support has useful information on breastfeeding support groups in Ireland and you can ask breastfeeding questions and they will be responded to. This site also has Fact sheets for GP’s and Pharmacists under the heading “Health Professionals”. 
  • mummypages.ie - An Irish site with lots of information.


I feel immense relief after this course – my questions have been answered and fears much alleviated.

Karen, October 2011

Hi Clare, thanks so much for everything yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained so much knowledge and confidence from it.

Caroline, September 2011

Fantastic practical ‘hands-on’ class which really boosts your confidence in relation to breastfeeding.

Frances, January 2011